Image of Carbon Copy #18 - Nolan Gerard Funk Cover (Print)

Carbon Copy #18 - Nolan Gerard Funk Cover (Print)


Carbon Copy #18 Cover - Actor Nolan Gerard Funk by Yu Tsai (Nolan is known for his role in Glee and also features in the blockbuster Riddick)
Back-cover: Sebastian Sauve at View Men by Sebastian Troncoso

Now in its 3rd year, Carbon Copy is evolving. From the next issue you will see a fusion of music and fashion and this issue features a colourful sequence of editorials with some of our favourite models and talent in a luxury book-bound soft back + digital versions.

Aitor Santome
Christopher Hench
Daisy Walker
David Needleman
Hee Park
Ian Cole
Jeremy Kost
Sebastian Troncoso
Yu Tsai

Actor Nolan Gerard Funk
Model/Music Artist Nick Hissom

Nolan Gerard Funk
Sebastian Sauve at View Men
Miles McMillan at View Men
Jon Mayling at Bookings
Matt Waters at Soul Artist Mgmt
Jason Cox at Adam Models
Matt Williams at Click
Tom Barker at Supa Models
Nick Hissom
Haydem & Raul Guerra at Sight Mgmt
Harry Curran at AMCK
Freddi Stoker at Elite
Jake Hold at Elite
Josh Tuckley at Supa
Marc Goldfinger at Models1
Tony Chung at Ford

156 pages
Full colour
Perfect bound